Sunday School 9:15am | Morning Worship 10:30am | Evening Worship 6:00pm

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What is the Worship Service like?

You will find that our services are filled with Scripture reading, congregational singing, heartfelt praying, and a sermon from the text of Scripture.

The Word of God is our sole authority for faith and practice and so we read it out loud in our services several different times.

The reading of Scripture will often be associated with public prayer as we respond to what the text has said.

We have a lot to sing about as a congregation and so each service is filled with robust singing. Our musicians do an excellent job as they accompany the voice of congregation, but they are not the focus of our music. God is the focus as we sing praises to the Triune God of Heaven.

Our services are not designed to entertain, but rather to direct hearts to the one true God. Therefore you can expect a Christ-exalting, Scripture-saturated, seriously joyful, and prayer permeated service.

Our sermons are designed to take the text of Scripture and explain the point of the text as it shapes how we live today. Those who handle the Word of God in the pulpit are serious about the glory of God, the inerrancy of the Word, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Most sermons will last between 35-45 minutes.

The service will usually conclude right around noon, however you will find that we are not tied to the clock. We do not waste time, but we are also in no hurry. We are serious about our corporate worship of God, but we also will seek to carefully plan and execute our services so as to not needlessly waste time.

During the sermon we do provide an optional Children's Bible Time for our 3-5 year olds. The children are dismissed during the last song if they desire to attend.

Nursery is provided for infants to 3 year olds.